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Credit companies in Uganda

We found 14 businesses in Uganda which have listed Credit among their services. Please read through the companies below to find more information about the best Ugandan Credit companies.

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DIVINE Coffee Traders & Exporters UGANDA - EAST AFRICA LTD
Agriculture & Natural Resources
Agriculture, Beans, Coffee, Credit, Environmental
Roundbob Limited
Credit, Hotel Reservations, Hotels, Tickets & Ticketing, Tourism
The Micro Support Centre Limited
Agriculture, Banking, Capacity Building, Credit, Finance
Revolution Associates
Auctioneers, Bailiffs, Consultancy Services, Consulting, Court Bailiffs
Ace- Audit Control And Expertise (u) Ltd
Agriculture, Business Management, Consulting, Credit, Finance
Banar Collections Ltd
Auctions, Business Management, Consulting, Credit, Debt
Enterprise Solutions & Consultancy Ltd
Architectural Design, Architecture, Carpentry, Civil Engineering, Construction
Masaka Kamunye Co-operative Savings And Credit Society Limited
Shipping & Logistics
Credit, Haulage, Long Haulage, Revenue Collection
Prudential Assurance Uganda Limited
Credit, Insurance, Security Services