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Datacenters companies in Uganda

We found 11 businesses in Uganda which have listed Datacenters among their services. Please read through the companies below to find more information about the best Ugandan Datacenters companies.

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Computer Point Data Center Ltd
Infectious Diseases Research Collaboration
Health & Medicine
Clinical, Datacenters, Finance, Hospitals, Laboratories
Ultraictsolutions Limited
IT & Education
Auditors, Computers, Consulting, Datacenters, Disaster Recovery
Mfi Enterprise Solutions Ltd
Automation, Banking, Cabling, Communication Equipment, Computer Forensics
Avytel Global Systems Ltd
IT & Education
Consulting, Datacenters, Energy, ERP, ICT
Cameo Techedge Services Limited
Advertising, BPO, Business Management, Cabling, Call Centers
Computer Information Systems Limited
IT & Education
Cisco, Communication Equipment, Computer Software, Computers, Consumables
Dimension Data Uganda Limited
IT & Education
Communication Equipment, Computer Forensics, Computer Software, Computers, Consumables
Okra Investment Limited
Auditors, Boards, CCTV, Civil Engineering, Computer Forensics
Powertel Limited
Civil Engineering, Communication Equipment, Computer Forensics, Computer Programming, Computer Software
Raps Uganda Limited
Cameras, CCTV, Communication Equipment, Computer Programming, Computer Software