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Housing companies in Uganda

We found 9 businesses in Uganda which have listed Housing among their services. Please read through the companies below to find more information about the best Ugandan Housing companies.

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Aluminium Doors & Windows ltd
Aluminum, Architecture, Banking, Blinds, Cladding
Ministry Of Lands, Housing And Urban Development
Restaurants & Travel
Finance, Housing, Land, Mobilization, Urban Development
Uganda Development Bank Ltd
Restaurants & Travel
Agriculture, Banking, Finance, Housing, Tourism
International Centre for Research Fellows
Agriculture & Natural Resources
Accommodation, Agricultural Research, Agriculture, Animals, Climate Change
Cadam Enterprises Limited
Shipping & Logistics
General Supplies, Housing, Supplies, Warehouses
Eco-shelter & Environmental Consultants
Architectural Design, Architecture, Building Materials, Construction, Consultancy Services
Haptech International Limited
Advertising, Binding, Communication Equipment, Computer Forensics, Computer Programming
National Housing And Construction Company Limited
Architectural Design, Architecture, Bridge Construction, Carpentry, Civil Engineering
Ndora Limited
Bridge Construction, Carpentry, Civil Engineering, Construction, Electrical Engineering