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Wheels companies in Uganda

We found 9 businesses in Uganda which have listed Wheels among their services. Please read through the companies below to find more information about the best Ugandan Wheels companies.

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Ethe'real Ltd
Shipping & Logistics
Haulage, Long Haulage, Motor Vehicles, Taxis, Travel
Kizlon Trading Company Limited
Aluminum, Glass Products, Motor Vehicles, Plastics, Spare Parts
Wilsons Uganda Limited
Construction, Earth Moving, Excavators, Motor Vehicles, Moving
Shafranto Uganda Limited
Health & Medicine
Animals, Chemical Products, Consumables, Drugs, Eggs
Bmk Uganda Ltd
Bridge Construction, Construction, Cranes, Machinery, Roads
Chello Petrol Station Limited
Engines & Vehicles
Alignment, Batteries, Gas, Lubricants, Motor Vehicles
City Tyres
Engines & Vehicles
Alignment, Batteries, Tubes, Wheels
Engineering Solutions (u) Ltd
Engines & Vehicles
Agricultural Tools, Agriculture, Alignment, Bicycles, Construction
Fleet Consult U Ltd
Shipping & Logistics
Air Ticketing, Defensive Driving, Driver Training, Drivers, Fleet Management