Bamuju General Contractors Ltd

Engines & Vehicles

Agricultural tools
Animals, Poultry and feeds
Building and construction materials
Chemicals and chemical products
Educational and reading materials
Generators and solar equipment
Motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and spare parts
Office furniture and furnishings
Plumbing materials
Cleaning and compound maintenance
Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, machinery, office tools and equipment
Maintenance and repair of furniture and fittings
Motor vehicle hire
Motor vehicle, motorcycle repair and maintenance
Property management
Revenue collection
Transportation (short and long haulage)
Water collection, treatment and disposal activities
Electrical, plumbing and other construction installation activities
Civil engineering
Construction of buildings & carpentry
Construction of roads and bridges
Construction of water projects
Mechanical works
Electrical, plumbing and other construction installation activities,Civil engineering,Construction of buildings & carpentry,Construction of roads and bridges,Construction of water projects,Mechanical works,Agricultural tools,Animals, Poultry and feeds,Building and construction materials,Chemicals and chemicalproducts,Revenue collection,Secretarial, printing, binding and photocopying services,Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, machinery, office tools and equipment,Maintenance and repair of furniture and fittings

Supplies, Works, Services
Registration Date:
Mar 3, 2005
Phone Number:
Market Street
Floor/Suite: Tibahwarayo House
Bundibugyo Town Council
Bundibugyo District

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