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Bliss Africa Foundation, is a Community-Youth driven, Volunteer-run, independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to deliver inclusive, innovative, sustainable programs and services to support Youth empowerment and community development. The Foundation is a human service organization that identifies the approach of effective means to involve young people in local development decision-making, giving them voice and influencing power, with benefits for themselves and their communities. Created with the foremost keyword Bliss, which means a state of spiritual blessedness, a great deal stronger than happiness. We thought Africa has come a long way to continue having plight stories talked about it, how about we change the perception that many render our continent to be, but rather a Blissful Africa, having vibrant youths that are the agents & leaders of positive change in their countries with Uganda serving as an model, that is exactly what we are doing through this organization.

Youth & Community
Registration Date:
Jul 17, 2017
Phone Number:
+256 704 379 375
Plot: 256
Floor/Suite: 1
Kampala District
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