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Businesses in Kampala

General Supplies, Surveillance systems, Access control solutions physical Security, Network, Securty Appliances, backup power solutions, UPS, Air conditioning, refrigeration systems solar systems, water heating and PV, integrated, pest management, vector control and sanitary waste management, Irrigation, systems, Agricultrual Equipment, water,waste management water reservoirs, filtration systems, agricultural chemcials and fertilizers anf green houses.
Cleaning and compound maintenance
Communication and graphical design
Computer programming and software development
Consulting engineering services within civil, mechanical, electrical and water engineering
Data processing and web hosting
Farming consultancy
Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, machinery, office tools and equipment
Electrical, plumbing and other construction installation activities
Civil engineering
Construction of water projects
Mechanical works

Generalsupplies, Ict Projects, Electro Mechanical Works , Agro Technical And Public Health
Registration Date:
Apr 29, 2011
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Luthuli Avenue, Bugolobi
Kampala District

Tagged: Agriculture Air Conditioning Appliances Civil Engineering Cleaning Computer Programming Computers Construction Consulting Data Processing Electrical Engineering Electrical Equipment Engineering Services Farming Fertilizer Filtration General Supplies Graphic Design Heating ICT Irrigation Systems Landscaping Machinery Mechanical Engineering Networking Pest Control Plumbing Power Systems Programming Public Health Real Estate Refrigeration Sanitation Security Services Software Software Development Solar Systems Supplies Surveillance Surveillance Systems Tools UPS Waste Management Water Engineering Webhosting Website Design

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