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Businesses in Wakiso

Consumer electronics, communication equipment, computers, computer software and consumables and optical products
Educational and reading materials
Office equipment, stationary and consumables
Office furniture and furnishings
Paper, paper products and packaging materials
General Supplies (Stationery, computer, furniture, fittings, printers, projectors, cabinets, toner, cartridges, office equipment, general office supplies, branded items, scanner, promotional materials

Registration Date:
Sep 8, 2010
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Church Road
Plot: 45/47
Floor/Suite: 001
Wakiso District

Tagged: Cabinets Communication Equipment Computer Software Computers Consumables Consumer Electronics Education Electronics Fittings Furniture General Supplies Materials Office Equipment Office Supplies Optics Packaging Materials Paper Products Printers Projectors Promotional Materials Reading Materials Scanners Software Stationery Supplies Toner & Cartridges

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