Chandaria Industries Ltd

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Animals, Poultry and feeds
Paper, paper products and packaging materials
Toilet Tissues- Velvex, nice and Soft, Toilex, Rosy,Dawn
Napkin Tissues- Velvex, nice and Soft
Facial Tissues- Royale, Safari
Sanitary Napkins-Velvex, Rosy
Cotton Wool- Velvex
Classics, Cappuccinos, Flavored, Unflavored, Non, Non Dairy creamer- Maccoffee
Black tea, green tea, Herbal tea- Hyson
Paprika, BBQ, Sour cream and onion, Tomato, Cheese, Original, -Kracks

Registration Date:
May 21, 1964
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Baba Dogo
Plot: 336/24
Nairobi District

Tagged: Animals Cotton Dairy Feeds Materials Packaging Materials Paper Products Poultry Safaris Sanitation Supplies Tea Tissues & Tissue Cultures Toilets Velvex

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