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Farm to Fork is a training, auditing and consultancy company that is also an association of experts in the food industry. The company was founded in 2005 by  three experts in the Agricultural industry with the aim of covering the technical GAP that was felt in the industry regarding what the consumer want versus what the producer is providing.


What we do?

We are involved in training, auditing and consultancy for various local and international consumers, legislative and statutory standard requirements that govern the food industry. Our strength comes from the wealth of knowledge from various sectors in the food industry achieved by all our experts in the food industry.


Why comply with food standards?

Today’s consumers of food products rightly expect safe and high quality produced food. Food safety means that the environment, process owners especially the workers and the consumers are protected during the process of food production, processing, marketing and all the aspects of food handling.


Consumers also expect it to be consistently available and reasonably priced. And this also means that consumers are aware of small scale farmers and labourers exploitation by middlemen along the food chain. Therefore in addition to food safety requirements, producers and suppliers along the food chain operate under stringent laws of ethical trade.


Our customers include all the stake holders in the food industry that have the purpose of the consumer at heart. This include Government and non-government organizations dealing with small scale food businesses, Research organizations, Exporters, Retail outlets, the hotel industry, farmer groups and cooperatives, Crop development authorities, certification bodies, training and consultancy organizations and many others.

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Mar 9, 2016
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