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Advertising and market research
Advertising and media services
Business and Management consultancy
Catering services
Communication and graphical design
Computer programming and software development
Industrial design and product design
Photographic activities
Radio and television broadcasting
Television programming and broadcasting activities
Video conferencing,
Accessories & Equipment,
Meeting room management technology,
White boards,
Audio/visual equipment,
Security cameras,
Access control and security,
Interactive whiteboard,
Document Examination Equipment
Video Spectral Comparator
F o r e n s i c S c i e n c e E q u i p m e n t

Video Conferencing, Access Control, Forensic And Security Systems, Photography And Videography
Registration Date:
Feb 2, 2006
Phone Number:
Kyaggwe Road
Plot: 2
Floor/Suite: Ground Floor
Kampala Central District

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