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Postal Address:          P.O. Box 12845, Kampala

Physical Address:      Printer’s Miracle Center,

                                    Room B19 (Office), and B16 (Workshop) Nasser Road.


Telephone:                 +256-701-838201



Name of Directors

Biryeija Darius            Managing Director      Ugandan

Racheal N. Biryeija     Director                       Ugandan



Our name is delivered from two words:

Glo      -           Global Adventures

Phix     -           In Graphic Designing & Printing Technologies.

Glophix Publishers (U) Ltd is a one stop Graphic Designing, Advertising and Printing business support Centre.

We commenced operations on 11th March 2011 and through commitment to our cause and high discipline were duly registered with Incorporation Certificates No. 128572. Since then we have matured into a more professional and focused company. Through strategic planning and innovation we can provide tailor made solutions to meet our client’s corporate objectives and needs effectively and efficiently.

“Quality is self-manifesting”

Company Activities / Services

We specialize in; Graphic Designing and Printing. Our services include: Magazine and Book Layout, Invoices, L.P.Os, Vouchers, Receipts, Brochures, Posters, Stickers, Labels, Branding, Banners, Calendars, Computerized Identity Cards, Printing T-shirts, School Reports and Registers, Business & Wedding Cards, Company Logos, Letter Heads, Embroidery Services, Corporate wears, General Supplies, Photocopying, Laminating, and binding of documents etc.

Keeping with the tradition of excellence that our organization has fostered through professional competence and expertise, we have put together a team of highly qualified professional to ensure that service to our clients is not compromised. With this in mind, we have positioned our Creative Department as the cornerstone of our operations. We promise to give each job personal attention and professional advice in good faith and confidentiality. Our guiding philosophy is; “We will use our skills to bring your ideas into reality” by providing result oriented advertising and design material for your success and our mutual benefit.

This capable team has undertaken or has been directly involved in wide-ranging projects throughout East Africa and here in Uganda.

Printing Services
Registration Date:
Mar 11, 2011
Phone Number:
Nasser Road
Plot: 1
Floor/Suite: B19
Kampala District

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