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Businesses in Kampala

Agricultural tools
Building and construction materials
Food, beverages and related products
Leather and related products
Plumbing materials
Timber and firewood
Tyres, tubes and batteries
Accomodation Items,
Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, machinery, office tools and equipment
Publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals, books, magazines publishing periodicals and othe
Secretarial, printing, binding and photocopying services

Building Materials And Food Stuffs
Registration Date:
Sep 1, 2003
Phone Number:
1st Street Industrial Area
Plot: 9
Kampala City
Kampala District

Tagged: Accommodation Agricultural Tools Agriculture Batteries Beverages Binding Books Building Materials Construction Construction Materials Electrical Engineering Electrical Equipment Firewood Food Journals Leather Machinery Magazines Materials Newspapers Periodicals Photocopying Services Plumbing Plumbing Materials Printing Services Publishing Secretarial Services Timber Tools Tubes

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