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Consumer electronics, communication equipment, computers, computer software and consumables and optical products
Computer programming and software development
Data processing and web hosting
IT Audit Consulting, Software Development, Network Consulting, Project Management, SMS and Mobile Development, Network Products, Computers and Printers, Telephone and Security Products, Website Designing, Safe Banking, Advanced Solutions, Cloud Hosting, Computing, Out sourcing and Consulting, LAN/WAN Network Services, Software Security Consulting, IT Quality Assurance, Data Recovery and Risk Management.

Consumer Electronics, Communication Equipment, Computers, Computer Software And Consumables And Opti
Registration Date:
Oct 28, 2011
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Stretcher Road, Ntinda
Plot: 41
Kampala District

Tagged: Auditors Banking Communication Equipment Computer Programming Computer Software Computers Consulting Consumables Consumer Electronics Data Processing Data Recovery Electronics Networking Optics Printers Programming Project Management Quality Assurance Risk Management Security Services SMS Software Software Development Webhosting Website Design

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