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Andon Technologies (U) LTD

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IT & Education

At Andon Technologies, we understand that technology interacts with your business activities every hour of your working day. Our services are manned by our expert technical team that have access to a wide range of innovative technologies to ensure that our clients are supported as efficiently and effectively as possible. To complement our market-leading IT Consulting and IT outsourcing services, we have integrated a full IT support service to ensure that our clients have access to highly skilled IT consultants to assist with their day today IT requirements. IT Services include; IT Outsourcing, Networking,( LAN), Network Architect, Maintenance and Service, Repairs, Security systems (CCTV, Bio-Metrics, Electric-Fence), GPS Tracking, Installations, Telephony(VoIP), Electrical Installation, Data Backup & Recovery, AC Repair, Service & Installations.

Networking, Security Equipment Installtion, Service And Preventive Maintenance, Computer And Priner
Registration Date:
Dec 16, 2016
Phone Number:
+256 752028893 | +256 392001976
Email Address:
Jos House, Port Bell Road, Luzira
Plot: Plot 55b
Floor/Suite: Last Floor
Kampala District

Tagged: CCTV Computers Consulting Electrical Engineering Electrical Installations GPS Networking Outsourcing Security Equipment Security Services Security Systems Technology Telephony Tracking VOIP

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