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Aven-Corp Technologies

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IT & Education

Aven-corp Technologies Africa is non profit IT company that seeks to have everyone connect to the Global village (Internet/ world wide web) the way it should be professionally with out exaggerating the work to be done so as to gain more money. We all know that IT today is a crucial hand that enable businesses attain maximum productivity while saving time & ensuring efficiency at work. As a result, once not got right the first time, this has dire consequences such as increased costs for no work done trying to implement an IT infrastructure.

As the motto says " Don't Gamble, Get IT Right The First Time. " A-C.T.A seeks to create awareness, and implementation of the right IT services to all business sectors with in the economy regardless of the boundaries. some of the services offered include Enterprise Network solutions, VOIP solutions, ERP systems, Web Development, Custom organisation Mobile Apps, Learning Management Systems, Server Deployment, Security systems i.e CCTV camera installation, Firewall systems, Intrusion Detection systems etc. Network Attached Storage solutions etc.

It | Technology Services
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Plot: Plot 13 Bunyonyi Road Bugolobi
Kampala District

Tagged: Cameras CCTV ERP Infrastructure Internet Networking Security Services Security Systems Servers Storage Technology VOIP Website Design Website Development

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