Iyama Enterprises Limited


Businesses in Lira

Cleaning and compound maintenance
Garbage collection
Maintenance of roads
Motor vehicle, motorcycle repair and maintenance
Property management
Revenue collection
Secretarial, printing, binding and photocopying services
Electrical, plumbing and other construction installation activities
Civil engineering
Construction of buildings & carpentry
Construction of roads and bridges
Construction of water projects
Mechanical works
Iyama Ent

Northern Uganda
Registration Date:
Jul 14, 2012
Phone Number:
Obote Avenue
Plot: 9B
Lira District

Tagged: Binding Bridge Construction Carpentry Civil Engineering Cleaning Construction Electrical Engineering Garbage Collection Landscaping Mechanical Engineering Motor Vehicles Motorcycle Repair Motorcycles Photocopying Services Plumbing Printing Services Real Estate Revenue Collection Roads Secretarial Services Water Engineering

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