Jisoma Enterprises Uganda Limited


Businesses in Kampala

Building and construction materials
Educational and reading materials
Marine and fresh water products
Motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and spare parts
Office equipment, stationary and consumables
Office furniture and furnishings
Paper, paper products and packaging materials
Timber and firewood
Tyres, tubes and batteries
Stones,Gravel,hardcore,slabs,marrum,garden tools,bitumen,oils,filter,road tools,bricks,construction materials and general supplies

Registration Date:
May 15, 2012
Phone Number:
Nasser Road
Plot: 01
Floor/Suite: E 003
Kampala District

Tagged: Batteries Bicycles Bitumen Bricks Construction Construction Materials Consumables Education Firewood Furniture General Supplies Gravel Marine Materials Motor Vehicles Motorcycles Office Equipment Packaging Materials Paper Products Reading Materials Slabs Spare Parts Stationery Supplies Timber Tools Tubes

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