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KTNK Solutions Limited(KT&K Associates)is a Ugandan based Consulting firm providing consulting services to the Public Sector, Private Sector, NGO’s and Development Agencies. We provide Consulting Service in fields of Financial Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Environmental management Assessment, Human Resource Management, Project Management Services, Trade Services, Business Strategy Development, and Information Technology, and microfinance.

Our primary objective is to provide solutions to emerging business within the East African region; however our expertise has grown to encompass sensitization of masses on economic paradigms and other Government programs which affect the daily operations of businesses.

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Registration Date:
Mar 8, 2012
Phone Number:
Hannington Business Center
Plot: 18
Floor/Suite: Room 7
Kampala District

Tagged: Consultancy Services Consulting Environmental Environmental Management Finance Financial Management Human Resources Information Technology Management Services Microfinance Monitoring & Evaluation Project Management Resource Management Sensitization Technology

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