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Businesses in Kampala

Architectural and engineering Consultancy
Business and Management consultancy
Communication and graphical design
Computer forensics
Computer programming and software development
Consulting engineering services within civil, mechanical, electrical and water engineering
Data processing and web hosting
Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, machinery, office tools and equipment
Radio and television broadcasting
Telecoms, Broadcasting, Information Technology, ICT consultants, engineering, Energy & Environment, , ISP, Internet services,Television programming and broadcasting activities,Radio and television broadcasting,Architectural and engineering Consultancy,Communication and graphical design,Computer forensics,Computer programming and software development,Data processing and web hosting

Advisory Services, Telecommunications, Ict, Broadcasting, Energy &,environment
Registration Date:
Feb 7, 2009
Phone Number:
Bombo Rd
Plot: 69
Kampala District

Tagged: Advisory Services Architectural Design Architecture Broadcasting Business Management Civil Engineering Computer Forensics Computer Programming Computers Consulting Data Processing Electrical Engineering Electrical Equipment Energy Engineering Services Environment Forensics Graphic Design ICT Information Technology Internet Machinery Management Consultancy Mechanical Engineering Programming Radio Software Software Development Technology Telecommunications Tools TVs Water Engineering Webhosting Website Design

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