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With many years of experience Phil of Africa safaris is growing into a well-established Ugandan local tour company, with advanced sensitivity to customer satisfaction and professional ways of making you enjoy Africa in various ways.
It was established from humble beginnings by Ugandans, born and raised in Uganda – with tremendous knowledge and expertise of the country’s wildlife, traditions, culture & heritage, different religions and geographical endowments.
We are an incorporated company, members of the association of Uganda tour operators and represented on numerous travel sites / portals including safari bookings, which is why we offer quality, excellent and professional travel services.

Phil of Africa safaris offers all types of Uganda safari tours, with suitable options for solo travelers, couples, families and big groups.

Our advantage is that we are small enough to handle individual travel requirements and specific demands but big enough to cater for large groups and deliver quality beyond our guest’s experiences.                                                             

Registration Date:
Jan 24, 2017
Phone Number:
Kimera House
Plot: 1677
Floor/Suite: 5th
Kampala District

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