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PROESS operates in the following sectors:

  1. Roads and Highways Engineering
  2. Environmental Engineering
  3. Hydropower Engineering
  4. Power Transmission & Distribution
  5. Bridges & Structures
  6. Solar Energy

The services offered within the sectors are as follows:

*      Feasibility Studies and Detailed Engineering Design

*      Tender Administration

*      Contract Management

*      Resettlement Action Planning

*      Environment and Social Impact Assessment

*      Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

*      Survey Works (Topographical surveys, Cadastral Survey, engineering surveying, hydrographic surveying etc.)

*      Geotechnical and material investigations

*      Training in Occupational Health and Safety.

*      Internal Bid Evaluations

*      Independent Parallel Bid Evaluations (IPBE)

*      Technical Staff Recruitment

*      Quality Assurance

*      Project and Program Reviews

*      Technical Auditing

Engineering Consultancy Services
Registration Date:
Apr 9, 2009
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Semawata Road
Plot: 104
Floor/Suite: Second Floor Nosep House
Kampala District

Tagged: Auditors Bridge Construction Consultancy Services Consulting Energy Environment Environmental Feasibility Studies Health Safety Highways Hydropower Impact Assessments Investigations Quality Assurance Recruitment Resettlement Roads Safety Solar Energy Solar Systems Surveying Surveys

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