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Schooling Uganda is a social enterprise which seeks to transform the education sector in East Africa by connecting educational institutions with technological solutions & expertise.

Many schools in Uganda rely entirely on paper records and do not make use of digital technologies to improve school administration or educational outcomes.

Schooling Uganda connects these schools with technical experts who holistically analyze each school’s needs and recommend technologies to improve the school’s performance.  Schooling Uganda is careful to understand the context behind each school in order to make recommendations which are realistic, achievable and affordable for each school.  Some of our products are listed below:

Directory of schools in Uganda

Schooling.UG is a public database launched in January 2017 which contains information on 24,000 schools in Uganda.  This database is web accessible and serves as a public directory of schools in Uganda.  Parents, students and the public can use this website for free to find information such as maps, photos and contact information for any school.

Websites & Webhosting for Schools

Every school should maintain some form of online presence in order to receive communications from anyone who searches for their school online.  A simple website or social media profile is often sufficient.  Schooling Uganda’s website builder platform makes it easy for schools to create & host an attractive & functional school website at a low cost.

Online & Offline Marketing Promotions

Schools can boost enrollment by engaging in both online & offline marketing campaigns.  Schooling Uganda assists schools to market themselves in several ways.  Schools receive some exposure simply by being listed on the Schooling.UG school directory.  Schooling Uganda also trains school staff on social media platforms like Facebook and instructs these staff on how to purchase social media promotions to get Likes and viewers for school websites & social media profiles.   Schooling Uganda also engages in offline marketing efforts such as printing an annual education directory which is circulated to school & local government offices.

ID Printing & ID Card Systems for Schools

Schooling Uganda can assist schools to compare & select a system from any of the various ID products available on the market.  SU also assists in implementing these systems.  Implementing ID systems helps schools switch to digital records and can improve school operations by integrating with security systems & meal card systems.

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Dec 1, 2016
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Tirupati Mazima Mall, Ggaba Road
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