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SSC Consulting is a professional consulting firm based in Tanzania proving a diverse of consulting solutions for the government, corporate, SMEs,  foreign investors, NGOs, high-net worth individuals, and the Diaspora community.

We have been operational for more than six (6) years serving a variety of clients, both big and small

We offer customized solutions in the areas of Business Planning and development, Finance, Project Management, Investment, Transaction services, Risk management, Training, Off-shore investment in Mauritius, Economic Advise, Governance, research and feasibility studies.

Management Consultancy
Registration Date:
Mar 17, 2006
Phone Number:
Email Address:
P.o box 12942
Plot: 949
Floor/Suite: Rose Garden Street
Dar es Salaam
Kinondoni District

Tagged: Consulting Feasibility Studies Finance Governance Investments Management Consultancy Project Management Risk Management

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