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Businesses in Kampala

Consumer electronics, communication equipment, computers, computer software and consumables and optical products
Office equipment, stationary and consumables
Computer forensics
Computer programming and software development
Data processing and web hosting
Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, machinery, office tools and equipment
Secretarial, printing, binding and photocopying services
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Computer Services And Solutions
Registration Date:
Jul 25, 2014
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Bukoto Street
Plot: 45
Kampala District

Tagged: Antivirus Binding Communication Equipment Computer Forensics Computer Programming Computer Servicing Computer Software Computers Consumables Consumer Electronics Data Processing Dell Electrical Engineering Electrical Equipment Electronics Forensics HP Laptops Machinery Microsoft Office Equipment Optics Outsourcing Photocopying Services Printing Services Programming Secretarial Services Security Services Servers Software Software Development Stationery Technology Tools UPS Webhosting Website Design Website Development

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