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WSA Innovations (WIDE SCIENTIFIC APPROACHES IN INNOVATIONS) is a private consulting company registered to operate in Uganda and Rwanda as domestic company offering specialized services in the fields of Research, Data Analytics /statistical, Trainings, Business/Project Planning and Management. We have been in operation since 2012, and during this period we have worked with a number of companies and international bodies in both Uganda and Rwanda, working as researchers, Project Integrity Managers, heading traceability in projects and businesses, Capacity building experts, project Analysts, Projects and Business Strategists, Team builders, Statisticians, Business planners, Project Mapping experts, and General advisors of projects and businesses. +256700191371

Registration Date:
Mar 6, 2019
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Plot: ESAMI Building
Floor/Suite: 1
Kampala District

Tagged: Advisory Services Capacity Building Consulting Mapping Project Planning

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