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Kampala, Uganda

Crane Hospitality Consultants is a company that deals with hotels in different aspects like staff training , menu drafting , staff recruitment , book writing, kitchen set ups, Restuarant set ups, etc.

It has gotten the best reviews since it started operating, as it has helped a lot of hotel management students study well by providing them basic essentials like reading books e.g, FOSBEP ;- The book that talks about basics of cooking and bakery skills for starters. And they are the ones behind PEARL OCEAN BOOK OF RECIPES. This one has all the required recipes which are selling and tested. They are more that 200 Recipes.

We also train hotel workers, Restuarant staffs, cafes and all areas where food is prepared. Do you have a home cook whom you want to nurture with skills? Reach out to us now. We know setting up a good hotel is challenging, but we can make it as easier as it sounds by making you the best designs for you. Let it be a restaurant Kitchen or the entire busines. 

For all your Hospitality needs, we are here to give you whatever you need. We are the answer to all questions. 

We also recruiting the best hotel staff from our well trained team. Stop the hustle of hunting for the staff, let the crane do it for you. Do you have a team that lacks some skills? Let us come and train them for you so that they can give you the best as required by the world today.

Buy our products which include.

1.FOSBEP text book (To all of you who want to learn Cooking and Baking skills)

2. PEARL OCEAN BOOK OF RECIPES (A cook book that will enable you cook all good food and yummy one, change your diet by trying out on our recipes.)

Try us now and we make your dream hotel by use of our trusted team and techniques. 

We are here to serve you.
Call us on 
+256 701836360 Call / WhatsApp
+256 786430836

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