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We strongly believe that we are the number one Hospitality entity in Uganda and East Africa.



We are a Hospitality Consultant firm that provides solutions to the hospitality Industry at large with our different packages tailored to you. Crane Hospitality Consultants was established in 2019 as Crane Holistic Chefs Uganda with an aim of shaping the kitchen department in the Restaurant. It worked really good with in the first year of Operation though not so perfect because of the Business being new in the field and lack of public knowledge about the business and their services.

In July, 2020, C.H.C changed its targets from only Kitchen to entire Hotel departments after making great Analysis and survey and rebranded itself from Crane Holistic Chefs Uganda to now Crane Hospitality Consultants which in general deals with the entire Hospitality Industry majorly hotels.

For the services that were only rotating around Kitchen department, after the rebrand in 2020, they Added on many other options and services that of great benefit to the Hotels.

On the matter of training, CHC therefore sought a vacuum in the training process of Hospitality Students right from the start, most of training / Hospitality institutes were suffering from low content and poor teaching tools which could leave Students hanging with poor education and difficulty in studying the course. It was of a great help from CHC which came up with an exciting project which was successful and fruitful. They made great research, Consultation with the help of different people and institutions and came up with a great book called FOSBEP ( Food, Service and Beverage Production). This book helped / helps not only the hotel workers but also the students, home cooks etc. It is a book that deeply explains the history of Cooking, illustrates different Kitchen Equipments, their handling and use, plus maintenance, it also talks about western culinary terms food Costing , HACCP and so much more

CHC also came up with a new and exciting book called PEARL OCEAN BOOK OF RECIPES which has the top and best recipes that are selling World over. This books is user friendly, has clear images, affordable and available across the globe. Exiting news is that all our products are available on this website, check out on our different products and grab yourself one or more.

The business has trained more than 500 kitchen staff from the zero experience level to a professional level through its on-job training programs and more than 170 have been recruited via the CHC efforts and help. This has impacted the young generation not only them but also the hotel owners because they were saved from recruiting new workers and therefore, promote the very ones who have been trained and nurtured by the CHC associates

It also has a program of home cook training, it has been able to train more than 100 kids around kampala where the program was initiated from and conducted. This was a great innovation that was introduced by CHC to help nurture the kids who were home seated due to the Lockdown. Many kids it's on record that were seated home if not all due to school shutdowns and they were doing totally nothing. These kids and home cooks were taught different skills like Baking, food handling, Cooking etc.

With more than 35 hotels and 40 Restaurants, served and satisfied, the business also has more than 80 workers that were recruited through CHC. The quality assurance is one of the key factors that has helped the CHC to reach where it is now and hoping to do more than good to make sure that it is on top of the game and to see the best Hospitality Industry back on top again.


Among others, we provide the following services with tender consideration and carefulness, we want us to make markers of success together;

  • Kitchen Designing and Setting

Services provided by classically trained professional chefs

Design, Consulting and Strategic Planning

  • Developing cost effective and efficient foodservice concepts

Hotel Kitchen Design and Layout Concepts

  • Beautiful and luxurious designs for conventional and boutique hotels
  • Commercial Kitchen Design

CHC is a commercial kitchen design and development firm founded by a professional chef. We take pride in sharing out passion for efficient restaurant kitchen design concepts. Our team partners with owners and other design firms on projects all over the world. Design is our specialty, and our years of first-hand operating experience guarantee operationally efficient and cost-effective kitchen design solutions that are based on sound culinary principals. From the smallest corner pizzeria to luxurious 5-star hotel kitchens, we help make your dream a reality!

Menu Drafting ; As we all believe that Kitchen is the heart of the Hotel, we provide you with good and assured selling menus, we don't stop at drafting, but we also train these menus to the kitchen team and Service Crew. Our menus are ever costed basing on the present financial situation of the country we are costing from and government policies. We tackle all area like Pastries, Continental dishes, Fast Food, Bakery, Hot and Cold Beverages, Cold Foods etc. check out for more about our menu ideas and organise a schedule to make Business with us.

Staff Training

Training for Hospitality Staff are available to all members of staff in the workplace ranging from Reception Staff, Waiters, Waitresses, Bar Staff, Administrators, chefs, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers & Senior Managers.

Ideal for all hospitality organisations like; Hotels,Restaurants, Motels, Bars, Coffee Shops, Café & All Other Hospitality Organisations

Course Search

View Live And Learn Consultancy’s range of popular Training for Hospitality Staff below;

Customer Service Training Course

Empower your staff with specialist hospitality customer care skills to deliver a more professional experience.

Your tailor-made training course aims help your team learn best practice techniques to exceed customers’ expectations.

Our on-site Customer

Training for Hospitality businesses are specialist tailored courses suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Cruise Lines, Holiday Resorts, Coffee Shops, Cinemas, Event Planning Companies and many more.

 Deliver excellent service to your customers.

 Handle customer complaints & difficult behaviour.

 Discover the art of building rapport with guests.

 How to professionally communicate with your clients.

 Deliver a more powerful customer experience.

 In-House Customer Service Training

Reception Skills

Your reception staff will gain best practice communication skills to engage with customers and learn how to manage the reception area in a professional manner.

 When greeting customers either face to face or over the telephone, it’s essential all receptionists communicate company values, multi-task effectively and manage the reception area whilst keeping all visitors informed.

Perfect for all industry sectors, our Receptionist Courses will equip you with best practice and professional reception skills to deal with difficult customer effectively and manage the reception area confidently.

Balance admin tasks & handle reception duties.

Develop effective listening skills to get it right first time.

Remain calm under pressure.

Remain calm under pressure.

Create an excellent first impression.

Manage the reception area more confidently.

Deal with customer complaints & difficult situations professionally.

Deal with customer complaints & difficult situations professionally.

Handling Customer Complaints

Gain highly effective complaint handling skills to improve your company’s reputation, increase customer loyalty and resolve complaints before they escalate.

Your team will learn how to handle customer complaints more professionally whether they communicate via telephone, email or face to face methods. Empower your employees with effective communication skills and a proven complaint handling process to manage aggressive or complaining customers more successfully.

Our Customer Complaints Training Course will help your staff gain best practice complaint handling techniques for managing difficult customers and experiencing better customer interactions.

 Diffuse emotionally charged situations.

Build better rapport with abusive customers.

Resolve customer conflict before it escalates.

Identify powerful listening questioning techniques.

Increase customer loyalty & improve business reputation.

Handle customer complaints in a professional manner.

Communication Courses

Communication Training In Hospitality

Our Communication Training in Hospitality will help your staff build better rapport with customers and avoid conflict. Empower your team with powerful skills and techniques to become good communicators and deliver a great experience.

 Communicating with customers and fellow employees ensures better synergy, less conflict and allows your team to reach their goals faster. The below Communication Courses can be tailored to the hospitality industry.

 Delivered in-house at your premises or off-site.

 Perfect for all staff within the hospitality industry.

All courses include, training materials & certification.

Conflict Resolution

Learn how to resolve workplace conflict to experience a positive, happier & stronger team dynamic.

 Conflict at work is naturally avoided by employees as it creates an intense amount of uncertainty, stress and anxiety. However, the most innovative ideas can often arise from conflict, particularly if disputes & arguments are resolved respectfully.

Why is conflict resolution important in the workplace? It equips us with the ability to listen to others, better understand our boundaries and create to new solutions.

Effective conflict resolution skills are also important because they help save time, nurture stronger relationships whilst creating a happy and productive environment.

This in-house Conflict Resolution Training Course will help your employees;

 Develop techniques for resolving workplace conflict.

Master your own emotions to diffuse arguments.

Build rapport, trust and healthy team relationships.

Confidently approach difficult people.

Learn how to mediate an argument or difficult situations.

Gain professional conflict resolution skills.

Cultivate a more respectful and happy workplace.

Handling Difficult People & Situations

Become empowered to confidently communicate and handle difficult and aggressive people at work.

 The stress of handling difficult situations and aggressive people can result in poor productivity and negatively influence other staff members. This training course focuses on the causes of aggression and the effects on you and the people around you. Discover how to identify and manage early warning signs and the key triggers of anger in order to manage hostility effectively.

 Gain a deeper understanding of how your communication can either help or hinder the interaction. Develop highly effective communication skills to resolve difficult situations and conversations quicker with positive results.

Course Overview The aim of our training Dealing with Difficult People Training Course is to provide supervisors, managers or team leaders with the key communication skills to address difficult behaviour in the workplace along with effectively managing difficult conversations to achieve more win-win outcomes.

Other courses are ;

Kitchen Management

Regardless of whether you’re new to the business and want to explore the basics of kitchen management, or want to know the secrets to a well-run kitchen to advance your career, this course will enable you to enhance your professional knowledge and skills in kitchen operations management. Want to know what makes a great restaurant manager? You’ll be set up to look for work in a variety of settings, including eateries, school cafeterias, private enterprises, and establishments.

This kitchen management course introduces you to the fundamentals of kitchen management. You’ll explore the key components that must be considered when planning a kitchen, from kitchen utensils to the different types of eatery and kitchen health and safety. You will also find out about the work flow process, professional kitchen equipment and how this influences the kitchen plan and design. Next, you will learn about food safety and the food handling process, such as the observance of proper hygiene codes and habits. Finally, you will be introduced to healthy eating habits and the secrets of outdoor cooking.

Who is the course for?

New chefs.

Returning chefs who want to brush up on their knowledge that has become rusty and enhanced their kitchen management skills.


Home cooks

Parents who want to cook more healthy food for children and need a starting point.

Anyone who is interested in cooking and kitchen management.

Other courses are ;

? Hospitality Sales Training Course

? Telesales Training Courses

? Motivating Your Sales Team

? Management Courses

? Hospitality Management Course

? Hospitality Management Course

? Team Leader Skills

? Leadership Excellence Program

? Managing Staff Performance

? Effective Delegation

Recruitment (find a job)

“Hi! my name is Richard and i'm an expert in finding people. I'm here to tell you a little bit about who we are.

Crane Hospitality Jobs at GO is a specialist hospitality recruitment entity in Uganda that offers a bespoke search and selection service to Uganda's leading hotels, restaurants and caterers.

We help talented people find work in hotels, restaurants, outside catering companies, private houses and bars.

So, whether you’re looking for your next job in hospitality or looking to find the perfect new member of staff for your business, we can help.”

vi. Floor Management Skills ; We strongly believe that service team are the eyes and ears of the hotels , so , they need to be well groomed and trained so that they provide the best services as expected out of them, they need to be well tamed and able to sale our menu products and recommend our services that we render. so, this goes hands with good communication skills and best customer care.

Hotel Bookings

We are a Hotel Booking Agent and Travel Management Specialist.

Bespoke specialist solutions for hotel accommodation, venue sourcing and travel - fulfilling the needs of the traveller, the booker and the buyer.

We deliver spend transparency by sharing valuable data-driven insights and recommending substantial cost-saving opportunities and booking efficiencies.

Accurate communication and quick response from our team of specialists ensures a smooth, no nonsense approach to your hotel booking, venue sourcing and travel management.

Book Your Hotel with us, for;

Business Accomodations

Reduced spend, more choice, policy compliance and more!

Whatever your driver for outsourcing your corporate hotel booking, be it reduced spend, more choice, enforcing policy compliance or freeing up your resources - we can help.

Venue Sourcing

Achieving cost control and creativity

Business meeting, conference, seminar or corporate event we understand how the right venue is critical to the success of your event - we help you get it right every time.

Strategy & Service

A winning strategy delivered by an outstanding friendly team

Our aim is to ensure the buyer, booker and traveller's needs are always met, so much so that we do not monitor the number of account management days allocated to clients.

Our Commitment

We champion the best possible hotel and travel solutions tailored to suit your exacting needs and aligned to meet your strategic objectives.

Whether you seek cost reduction, more choice or policy compliance, improved traveller satisfaction or wish to benefit from the increased efficiency – our service is tailored to meet your needs. We cover all parts of uganda from central region, western region, Eastern region and northern region.

Register with us to start considering your hotel for our guests. for registration of the hotel, click registration or send us an email.

for booking, check out to our variety of hotels available. Click booking for more details.

Restuarants , Café & Bar setup

Looking for a fresh perspective on your cafe, restaurant or bar interior design? We’re expert restaurant designers for businesses looking for a new style. Transform your business into an attractive local hotspot with professional guidance from our design team of specialist restaurant interior designers. Provide the dining experience you’ve always wanted to; become a must visit coffee house or give your bar a new lease of life.

Part of a customer's experience when visiting a restaurant or bar, is the atmosphere and the look of its interior. Take your restaurant to the next level with a striking, unique interior or compliment your fine dining service with a sophisticated and contemporary design. Convert an old bar into a modern and chic hotspot with our expert bar designers insight and industry experience. Launch your new cafe and create a lasting impression with bold statements and powerful colours.


We strive to become the leading Hospitality Consultancy firm in East Africa through sustainable development in the emerging economy.


To develop lasting client relationship through provision of best stakeholder values in trust and respect.


Our value lies in deep collaboration and individual responsibility. Unity allows us to constantly innovate and develop.

Our Philosophy is Customer focus, strong team work and Sustainable growth.


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