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Umeme Legal Electrical Installation Service in Kampala Uganda

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Our electricians are experts in all domestic electrical jobs. Our friendly and reliable electricians can carry out everything from full electrical wiring to simply upgrading current electrical installation. Like so many of our domestic customers, once you have used our services, you will be sure to keep our business card close to hand. +256750614536 or Whatsapp.

We install Single phase in domestic environments or where the load is relatively light. For example, lighting, heating or electrical sockets for regular household appliances.

Single phase is generally installed in residential properties unless the property is particularly large, as it may require a greater load and require use of a three phase 415-volt electric power system.

We also offer Solar power system installation and maintenance or solar installation, power line construction, power distribution, Industrial control panel construction, Diesel generator maintenance, CCTV Camera installation, configuration and troubleshooting, Standby generator repair and Three phase generator service in Kampala Uganda.

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Electrical Installation Service In Kampala Uganda
Registration Date:
Feb 9, 2010
Plot: Plot 1 Kenneth Dale, Kamwokya
Kampala District

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