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Washing companies in Uganda

We found 11 businesses in Uganda which have washing listed among their services. Please read through the companies below to find more information about the best Ugandan washing companies. Do you buy or sell washing in Uganda? If so please consider listing your business.

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Toppla Portable Toilet Co Ltd
Toilets, Washing, Website Design
JU Ltd. Manufacturing of shampoo, soaps and methylated spirit
Car Washing, Detergents, Laundry Services, Liquid Soap, Manufacturing
NET IT Services Ltd
IT & Education
Airports, Appliances, Branding, Cables, Cabling
Agriculture & Natural Resources
Cleaning, Cleaning Services, Garbage Collection, Gardening, Industrial Cleaning
Auto Traders Uganda Limited
Engines & Vehicles
Garages, Haulage, Long Haulage, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics
Kalu General Services
Agricultural Tools, Agriculture, Binding, Car Washing, Carpets
Powermax Technical Services Ltd
Air Conditioning, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Equipment, Heating, Machinery
Transtel Limited
Air Conditioning, Appliances, Communication Equipment, Computer Software, Computers
Waterfalls Express Ltd
Car Washing, Cleaning, Garbage Collection, Landscaping, Washing
Rotana Enterprises Limited
Car Washing, Cleaning, Finance, Landscaping, Washing
Banapo Contractors Limited
Engines & Vehicles
Car Washing, Washing