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TMT Technologies (U) Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Computer Hardware, Computer Maintenance, IT Consultancy, Phones, Stabilizers
Supplies   Kampala
Fire Alarms & Detectors, Firefighting & Fire Services, Firefighting Equipment, Security Systems, Water Pumps
Goshen Company (u) Limited
Construction   Kampala
Drainage, Metal Fabrication, Metalworks, Sewage, Terrazzo
Prayosha Enterprises Ltd
Manufacturing   Kampala
Aluminum, Cladding, Curtains, Doors, Windows
Ankam Teleconsultants And Trainers Ltd
Services   Kampala
Employment Placement, Human Resources, Outsourcing, Recruitment, Telecommunications
Orbimaps Limited
Services   Kampala
Cartography & Maps, Databases, GIS, Land Acquisition, Urban Planning / Urban Development
Engineering Solutions (u) Ltd
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Fabrication, Garages, Tanks, Tractors, Water Tanks
Melville Engineering Services Limited
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Engines, Equipment Maintenance, Firefighting & Fire Services, Firefighting Equipment, Motorcycle Repair
UB Consulting Engineers Ltd
Services   Kampala
Disposal Activities, Drainage, Highways, Hydropower, Traffic Signs
Information Technology   Kampala
Digital Marketing, e-Commerce, IT Consultancy, Procurement, SEO
Ethe'real Ltd
Shipping & Logistics   Kampala
Cars, GPS, Haulage, Long Haulage, Shipping
Proess Limited
Construction   Kampala
Geotechnical, Highways, Hydropower, Quality Assurance, Solar Energy
Kamtec Electrical Services
Construction   Kampala
Electrical Works, Inverters, Powerlines, Street Lights, Wiring
Mertz investments ltd
Manufacturing   Kampala
Fuel, Hardware, Manufacturing, Petroleum, Water Pumps
ADT Africa Limited
Construction   Kampala
Earth Moving, Geophysical, Geotechnical, Minerals, Water Drilling
Costcare Medical Supplies Ltd
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Laboratory Equipment, Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, Medicine, Reagents
Rackmount Limited
Information Technology   Kampala
Data Processing, Market Research, Procurement, Security Equipment, Webhosting
Research & Education   Kampala
Assessments, Baseline Surveys, Data Analysis, Impact Assessments, Quality Assurance
Placement Solutions Uganda Limited
Services   Kampala
Business Management, Employment Placement, Human Resources, Outsourcing, Recruitment
On-track Technical Services Limited
Construction   Kampala
Air Conditioning, Disposal Activities, Equipment Maintenance, Plumbing Materials, Protective Wear
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Kampala
Cassava, Fisheries & Fish Farming, Groundnuts (Peanuts), Millet, Oilseeds
M-lukka Associates Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Cisco, Dell, Firefighting & Fire Services, Firefighting Equipment, HP
Merkel Engineering Limited
Services   Kampala
Equipment Maintenance, Fuel, Petroleum, Procurement, Telecommunications
Nile Organic Enterprises Limited
Manufacturing   Kampala
Animal Feeds, Fertilizer, Millet, Sorghum, Soya (Soybeans)
Pamoja Group (U) Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Cleaning Materials, Corporate Branding, Laptops, Safety Wear, Shoes
SMB Infratech LLP
Construction   Kampala
Asphalt, Bitumen, Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Road Works
Kerror Group
Services   Kampala
Design Consultation, Electrical Appliances, Geophysical, Highways, Inspection
Consult Info Services Ltd
Services   Kampala
Business Management, Employment Placement, Human Resources, Market Research, Recruitment
Mantra Technologies Limited
Information Technology   Kampala
Computer Programming, Data Processing, Information Technology, Security Equipment, Webhosting
Agroking Uganda Limited
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Kampala
Cassava, Groundnuts (Peanuts), Livestock, Millet, Soya (Soybeans)
Tubros Hardware Co. Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Adhesives, Construction Materials, Hardware, Plumbing Materials, Waterproofing
Muslife Techinologies Investments Ltd
Information Technology   Kampala
ICT Equipment, Laptops, Machines, Networking, Toner & Cartridges
City coolers engineering limited
Construction   Kampala
Air Conditioning, Alarm Systems, Refrigerators, Security Services, Ventilation
Alternate Technical Company(alteco) Ltd
Construction   Kireka, Uganda
Banking, Fiber Optics, Intercom, Telecommunications, Transformers
Vifaru Geospatial and Pipeline Services
Information Technology   Kampala
Cartography & Maps, GIS, GPS, Hardware, Maintenance Services
Shinrai Group Limited
Construction   Kampala
Aluminum, Glass Products, Gypsum, Interior Design, Windows
Real Best Fresh Foods Uganda
Supplies   Kampala
Fruits, Gardening, Schools, Spices, Vegetables
Segamu I4 Consults Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Assessments, Auditors, Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management, Sensitization
Techford Contractors & Suppliers
Construction   Kampala
Disposal Activities, Pipes, Tanks, Water Supply, Water Tanks
Virgin Markets Multi Legal
Services   Kampala
Auctioneers, Bailiffs, Banking, Debt, Insurance
Anointed Tours and travel
Restaurants & Travel   Kampala
Bungee Jumping, Hotel Services, Rafting, Travel Insurance, Visas
Services   Kampala
Auctioneers, Bailiffs, Court Bailiffs, Credit, Debt
Harus Driving School
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Drivers, Excavators, Health Safety, Insurance, Schools
Laboratory Needs Solution Limited
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Disinfectants, Hospital Equipment, Kits, Medicine, Reagents
Marma Technical Services
Construction   Kampala
Dams, Electrical Installations, Powerlines, Solar Systems, Water Engineering
Radius Foods
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Kampala
Beans, Farming, Meat, Natural Resources, Rice
Eagle Weighing Scales In Kampala
Services   Kampala
Cranes, Posho, Scales, Weighing Scales, WordPress
Neriah Sewerage Disposal&fire Wood Supplier Ltd
Services   Kampala
Briquettes, Renovation, Sewage, Toilets, Wood
Security Global Technologies - SGT
Information Technology   Kampala
Biometrics, Fire Alarms & Detectors, Gates, Intercom, Radio
Vamwa Fabricators (U) Limited
Manufacturing   Kampala
Bricks, Concrete, Metalworks, Tanks, Water Tanks
Construction   Kampala
Building Design, Culverts Installation, Highways, Road Works, Steel Fabrication
Information Technology   Masaka, Uganda
Computer Forensics, Market Research, Marketing, Webhosting, Website Design
Karf Aqua Engineering Solutions Limited
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Kampala
NGOs, Sewage, Waste Management, Water Supply, Water Treatment
GM Tumpeco Ltd
Manufacturing   Kampala
Fittings, Signs & Signage, Steel, Tanks, Traffic Signs
Ehany Marketing Agency
Media & Publishing   Naalya, Uganda
Advertising, Graphic Design, Market Research, Marketing, Public Relations
Happy Pills Pharmacy
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Clinical, Healthcare, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Supply Chain Management
FENCON Consulting Engineers Limited
Services   Kampala
Advisory Services, Architectural Design, Civil Works, Environmental Management, Real Estate
Jamos Construction Services Ltd
Construction   Wakiso, Uganda
Building Contractors, Civil Works, Commercial Buildings, Concrete, Metalworks
Zaikai (u) Ltd
Construction   Bombo, Uganda
Air Conditioning, Automation, Electrical Equipment, Machinery, Solar Equipment
Research & Education   Kampala
Baseline Surveys, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, Policy Development, Translation
Future Medical Equipment Ltd
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Laboratory Equipment, Medical Equipment, Medical Services, Medicine, Surgical
ISISOFT Technologies
Information Technology   Kampala
Computer Hardware, Computer Maintenance, Computer Repair, WordPress, Workshops
Construction   Kampala
Building Contractors, Building Design, Cement, Metal Fabrication, Paint
Afrihomes Limited
Manufacturing   Kampala
Detergents, Disinfectants, Honey, Plastics, Soap & Shampoo
Budhooma development initiative
Construction   Jinja, Uganda
Computer Maintenance, Computer Repair, Electrical Appliances, Posho, Sand
Geo-Concrete Laboratory
Construction   Kampala
Asphalt, Geotechnical, Investigations, Laboratory Equipment, Soil Testing
Construction   Kampala
Airports, Borehole Drilling, Earth Moving, Hydropower, Water Systems
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Laboratory Equipment, Medical Supplies, Scanners, Ultrasound, X-ray
Magma Cleaning Services
Services   Kampala
Carpet Cleaning, Pest Control, Roofing, Ventilation, Windows
Pro Savior (U) Limited
Services   Kampala
Accountants, Accounting, Tax Advisory Services, Tax Consultants, Taxes
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Diesel, Engines, Lubricants, Oil, Petroleum Products
Power Trust Uganda Limited
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Batteries, Generators, Solar Equipment, Solar Systems, Water Heaters
Services   Kampala
Advisory Services, Gardening, Infrastructure, Irrigation Systems, Landscaping
Halai Holdings Ltd.
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Culverts Installation, Earth Moving, Excavators, Graders, Pavers
Ugicom Enterprises Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Fiber Optics, Industrial Design, Product Design, Road Construction, Urban Planning / Urban Development
Metrisys Uganda Limited
Construction   Kampala
Cartography & Maps, GIS, GPS, Scanners, Water Systems
Turner & Townsend Limited
Services   Kampala
Accounting, Procurement, Tax Advisory Services, Taxes, Urban Planning / Urban Development
Kyebando Power Line Construction Company
Services   Kampala
Electrical Appliances, Generator Servicing, Housing, Solar Batteries, Water Heaters
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Kampala
Animal Feeds, e-Commerce, Fertilizer, Soil Testing, Tractors
Arison Technologies Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Bridge Construction, Carpentry, Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing, Water Engineering
Bins 4 You Services , cleaning and fumigation company in Kampala , Uganda
Services   Kampala
Carpet Cleaning, Carpets, Chairs, Industrial Cleaning, Office Cleaning
Modest Associates Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Civil Works, Electrical Equipment, Electrical Installations, Engineering Services, Machinery
Sanqua Engineering Limited
Construction   Soroti, Uganda
Briquettes, Concrete, Construction, Furniture, Waste Management
Zutari Uganda Limited
Construction   Kampala
Advisory Services, Hydropower, Infrastructure, Power Systems, Project Management
May Services And Contractors Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Contractors, Electrical Equipment, Plumbing Materials, Protective Wear, Solar Equipment
Shipping & Logistics   Kampala
Freight Forwarding, Insurance, Loans, Shipping, Warehouses
Sky Scrappers Housing And Construction Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Bridge Construction, Carpentry, Housing, Mechanical Engineering, Water Engineering
Golden Breeds Agro-Investment Services Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Brochures, Calendars, Glass Products, Merchandise, Veterinary
Mobi-tex Engineering Company Works Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials, Mechanical Engineering, Supplies
Build Matt Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Metal Fabrication, Prefabrication, Roofing, Steel Fabrication, Storage
Information Technology   Kampala
Antivirus, Computer Maintenance, Firewalls, Lenovo, Video Conferencing
TTB Investments Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Art Design, Engraving Services, Lamination, Office Supplies, Promotional Items
BMC Capital Limited
Construction   Kampala
Airports, Carpentry, Parking, Road Construction, Road Maintenance
Siko Logistics Limited
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Kampala
Flour, Maize Flour, Meat, Millet, Posho
Spotech Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Chemical Products, Consumables, Laboratories, Supplies
Praus Equipment Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Databases, Excavators, Graders, Pavers, Trucks
Mercury Computers Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Mobile Phones, Phones, Photocopiers, Scanners, Solar Panels
Safety And Energy Services Limited
Construction   Uganda
Electrical Installations, Energy, Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing, Solar Systems
Plan World Limited
Construction   Kampala
Architectural Design, Architecture, Carpentry, Civil Works, Engineering Services
Services   Kampala
Cleaning Detergents, Drainage, Financial Management, Industrial Cleaning, Sewage

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