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We supply all the machines used in Food, Beverage and Agro Processing Sectors along with all types of Packaging Machines. All our Machines are manufactured in India. We also do installation, training, commissioning and maintenance of all food, beverage and agro processing machines.

We can supply turnkey projects and also individual machines as the client requires. We maintain stock of all spares for the machines that we supply and also have a technical team to attend any technical related issues.

Some of the machines, projects & Spares that we supply include;

  • Mineral Water Treatment Plants.

  • Sachet Packing machines for Tea, Coffee, Curry powder, Water, Waragi, Yoghurt, Milk and any granules, powder or liquids.

  • Bottling & Packaging Machines for Bottles, Containers, Jars, Cups etc.

  • All Beverage Processing machines for Juice, Any type of Alcohol, Dairy etc.

  • Semi Auto Packing Machines like Continuous Sealers, Foot Sealers, Hand Sealers etc.

  • Blow Moulding Machines, Batch Coding Machines, Air Compressors and Chillers.

  • Fruits Processing Machines for Tomato Sauce, Dried Fruits, Jam, Pulp, etc.

  • Dairy processing and packaging machines

  • Bakery, Confectionary and Snacks Machines.

  • Coffee and Tea processing machines.

  • Cooking Oil Processing Machines from Sunflower, Cotton, Palm nuts etc

  • Grain milling machines like for Maize, Rice, Millet and others.

  • Seed cleaning and drying machines.

  • Animal and Poultry feeds processing machines.

  • Shrink Wrapping machines.

  • Ozone and Oxygen Generators.

  • Water Purification Machines for Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Home, Offices etc.

  • Generators.

  • Spares for all machines along with electrical, electronic accessories, pumps etc.

  • Spares and Consumables for all water filtration & mineral water machines.

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Food And Beverages
Registration Date:
Nov 1, 2008
12/2, Madhvani Foundation Building, Opp. Prime Plaza / NEMA House, Jinja Road, Kampala.
Plot: Plot 18
Kampala District

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