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Houston Executive Consulting – A Management Consultancy Company in Uganda

Houston Executive Consulting is a Management Consultancy Firm in Uganda. The firm is also a Business Advisory Services Firm providing a multitude of value-added services that seek to enhance the performance and productivity of the businesses or organizations in Uganda. The firm helps companies improve their performance & grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things in key areas including:

Human Resource (HR) Consultancy Services

We have HR Consultants, Generalists, and Specialists, as the Company’s HR consultancy services involve possessing a deep understanding of everything from organizational management to labor laws to equal opportunity employment and beyond. The company offers services related to recruiting, hiring, benefits, performance management, and training. The following are some of the services offered in line with HR Consultancy;

Our HR Consultants are competent to be able to handle consulting business based on the pillars that drive business success. We do this in key areas including; Human Resource Management, Financial Management, International Business Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Ethics, Strategic Compensation, Leadership, Strategic Management, Human Relations, and Management Information Systems

·         Developing methods for compiling and analyzing data for reports and special projects

·         Conducting HR Audits, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, and Salary & Benefits Surveys

·         Analyzing a company’s current HR programs and recommending solutions

·         Developing, reviewing, and advising on the implementation of HR policies and procedures

·         Developing and Presenting Training sessions related to specific HR programs

·         Assessments which are either individual or team assessment including psychometric testing and profiling

·         Advising clients on the administration of human resources policies and procedures

·         Ensuring HR programs and services offered to clients comply with established policies and procedures and the Labour Laws of Uganda


1.       Training and Development Services in Kampala Uganda

Houston Executive Consulting leads the field in offering workforce professional development for all staff, advanced practitioners, and program managers. HEC offers both centralized pieces of training for professionals and on-site training & technical assistance tailored to meet the specific professional development needs of companies and organizations in the region. The firm has maintained its name as the Top on List of Training Companies in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. Some of the training programs offered at the Company include:

1.       Financial Literacy Training in Uganda
2.       Leadership Skills Training in Uganda
3.       Training On Handling Workplace Discipline, Termination, And Exit In Uganda
4.       First Aid Training in the Workplace, Uganda
5.       Start and Improve Your Business Programme, Uganda
6.       Advanced Microsoft Excel Training in Uganda
7.       Microsoft Excel Training for HR and Payroll Management in Uganda
8.       Team Building Services in Uganda
9.       Performance Management and Appraisal Course in Kampala, Uganda
10.   Digital Marketing Training in Kampala, Uganda – Africa

11.   Training on Negotiation Skills and Collective Bargaining Strategies with Trade Unions – Uganda

12.   Management and Supervisory Skills Training in Kampala, Uganda

13.   Human Resource for Non-HR Managers – With Uganda’s Top Training Company

14.   Training on Tender Bid Writing in Kampala, Uganda – Africa

15.   Fire Safety Management and Prevention Training – Uganda

16.   Training in Kampala, Uganda on Secretarial and Administration Skills

17.   Training & Consultancy On Developing Legally Sound HR Policies (HR Manual) – Uganda

18.   Training on Recruitment, Selection, and Resourcing Talent – Kampala, Uganda

19.   Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training in Uganda – Africa

20.   Corporate Governance and Board Leadership Training in Kampala, Uganda

21.   Microsoft Power Bi Training and Set-Up in Kampala, Uganda

22.   Taxation Training Workshops and Courses in Kampala, Uganda
23.   Finance for Non-Finance Managers Training in Uganda
24.   OSH Training in Kampala Uganda
25.   Training on Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management in Uganda
26.   Customer Care Training in Uganda
27.   Communication Skills Training in Uganda
28.   Sales Training in Uganda

Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment (MEIA) Services

HEC provides the institution with accurate advice to project initiation, planning, designs and implements evaluations of projects to promote synthesis and dissemination of findings. Houston Executive Consulting works with organizations to regularly collect and report information to track whether actual results are being achieved as planned (Monitoring). We also employ our Analytical efforts to answer specific questions about the performance of the program activities Oriented to answering WHY? And HOW? Let’s talk when it comes to M&E Services – Uganda.

Recruitment and Selection Services in Kampala, Uganda

While Looking for a Recruitment Agency in Uganda, you don’t look further than Houston Executive Consulting. Uganda’s most Reliable, Resourceful & responsive recruitment firm. Houston Executive Consulting immerses itself in clients’ businesses and our candidates’ careers to fully understand their priorities and goals. Our reputation is built on consistently incorporating these priorities to make beneficial connections. We are more than just a staffing firm. We align talent with opportunity. Looking for exceptional staff? Let's talk!

Avoid a poorly run recruitment the campaign which may damage your reputation if applicants spread the word about your organization being unprofessional. All of this suggests that when approaching recruitment and selection you need to be systematic and rational so that you can make the best possible decisions. We are here to support thousands of Employers, recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers to improve their recruitment capabilities through real-world, practical, custom-built service.

Strategic Planning Consultancy in Uganda

HEC provides services in all aspects of Change Management consulting and implementation, specializing in Behavioral Change, Process Development, Business Engagement, and Communications. The focus of the company is on implementation where the value of technology, process, and strategy is realized.

Every organization must have a strategic plan for their business investments. Strategy development is about setting specific goals and objectives and is the mechanism for drawing up a roadmap of ways to achieve them via action plans. The goals and objectives, when developed, can then be summarized into a mission statement and/ or a vision statement. Every strategic plan should be capable of being changed in response to shifting market conditions and dynamics.

At Houston Executive Consulting, the focus is on helping clients identify any pitfalls in their strategic plan, and to align the strategic plan to the day-to-day priorities and tasks that are needed to achieve your objectives and goals. The level at which a plan is written along with word selection and terminologies used in the plan are both examples of ways to fail in translating your strategic plan into an understandable and easily executable vehicle for success.

Team Building Events and Retreats and Camp Services in Uganda

Houston Executive Consulting Is the Number One Provider of Team Building Services in Uganda and Facilitator of Team Building Retreats in Uganda. The company also focuses on helping organizations, people, and teams to achieve maximum efficacy. HE Consulting partners with clients to deliver customized team building solutions that resolve their most complex team issues and create a long-term competitive advantage.

The company capabilities in team building services lie in the following key areas;

·         Indoor Team Building Activities and Fun Games

·         Outdoor Team Building Activities and Fun Games

·         Team Adventures and Weekend Getaways

·         End of year Staff Parties and Bonding Activities

·         Corporate Team Retreats and Fun Days

·         Corporate Award Events

·         Group Holidays and Camp Services in Uganda


Website for Free Online Education

We operate the Best of all online learning platforms in Uganda. High-quality learning on our learning site is exceptional. Learn the history, coding, computer science, leadership, Management, Human Recourses, all under our excellent free online education.

Our is a platform with a strong focus on workplace skills, with a small but well-crafted selection of courses. If you’re looking to break into leadership, communication, management, health and safety, business intelligence tools, etc., this is the place for you.

Our pricing structure allows you to pay at your convenience for your courses. We have become the community marketplace for new skills. We offer a broad range of different subjects to choose from. Houston Executive Consulting offers an online catalog of video-based courses, as well as in-person workshops in cities like Kampala, Kigali, and Nairobi.

Other Services offered at Houston Executive Consulting Include;

·         Company Registration Services in Uganda

·         Procurement Consultancy Services in Uganda

·         Tax Advisory Services in Uganda

·         Research and Data Collection Services

·         Workplace Registration Services in Uganda

·         Capacity Building Services in Uganda

·         Career Advice and Motivation

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Houston Executive Consulting – Management Consulting Company in Uganda

Houston Executive Consulting is always at your service as Management Consultancy Firm in Uganda. HEC is the Parent Company of Geotech ICT Consulting, Uganda. The company is a Management Consulting and Business Advisory Services provider in Kampala – Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.

To contact Houston Executive Consulting Ltd please click below.

Registration Date:
Apr 18, 2019
P.O. Box 27815 Kampala, Uganda
Plot: 0001
Floor/Suite: Mulangira Close
Last Updated:
3 years ago

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