Kampala, Uganda

Intersppea Uganda Ltd was incorporated in 2000 and has since become afast growing electrical and electro-mechanic contracting Company.

We offer a comprehensive range of services:

1.Electrical accessories: stocks and sells all electrical accessories and gadgets including Stablisers, Inverters Power extensions ,Cables in all sizes,lights sockets etc.....

2.Installations ,Maintanance and designs
a ) Installations for: Earthing and bonding Pole mounting,Lighting arrestors,Generator sets,office lighting and power socketoutlets,office inverter power backup systems and stablisers,distribution switch boards,DC plants,solar PV systems solar water heaters and pumps,
b) Functional tests ,routine maintenance and service : Rectifiers,power alarms,Ac and Dc lights,Inverters and batteries,Auto locking systems,
c) Designs and planning : Lights and lighting for newly constructed buildings,power sockets outlets,Under and over voltage monitoring units,Locking and alarm systems,Systematic diagrams,plan layout,control circuits for auto systems and machines

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Registration Date:
Mar 31, 2000
Duster Street
Plot: Plot 4
Last Updated:
7 years ago

Tagged: Alarm Systems Backup Systems Batteries Boards Cables & Cabling Electrical Engineering Generators Inverters Lights & Lighting Machines Monitoring & Evaluation Solar Systems Stabilizers Water Heaters Water Pumps

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