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Kampala, Uganda

We are a diverse team of Professionals looking to maximize our client's Environmental performance both as their respective commitments to regulatory compliance and our own pledge to supporting global sustainability goals. We are passionate about Development, Nature and specifically, the indispensable value that a clean and healthy environment brings to communities, businesses and economies. As such, our network of leading Environmental, Engineering and Earth Science Experts offers services beyond standard compliance protocols.

We have experience in conducting Environmental & Social Impact Assessments & Environmental Audits for the following industries

  • Infrastructure Development - Roads, buildings, Hydro-power facilities
  • Energy - Transmission & Distribution lines, Geothermal, Co-generation
  • Oil & Gas Upstream: Seismic survey, Exploration, Drilling, Camp Management, Field Development, Wells, 
  • Oil & Gas Midstream: Infield & Export Pipeline construction 
  • Oil & Gas Downstream: Petroleum product distribution, fuel stations
  • Manufacturing - Sugar manufacturing

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Infrastructure Development & Environmental Consulting Services
Registration Date:
Nov 19, 2018
Building B - Kakungulu Road
Plot: 17
Floor/Suite: Ground Floor
Last Updated:
3 years ago

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