Kampala, Uganda

WAP-TECH CONSTRUCTIONS LTD was incorporated on the 17Th October 2018 and has brought together young, talented, energetic, innovative and creative Engineers who bring to our clients a vast experience from our previous employments MISSION, VISION AND VALUES We are committed to nurturing our young company with the following guiding principles; MISSION To create a robust structure that makes us relevant in the construction sector in Uganda and East Africa. VALUES We stand by the following Values; 1. Professionalism to ensure best client experience 2. Zero tolerance to shoddy works 3. Time bound in all our activities 4. Respect for Employers, his representatives and Consultants 5. Innovation 6. Team work SERVICES OFFERED 1. Structural Engineering design 2. Building Construction 3. Renovation and Remodeling works 4. Landscaping and compound design 5. Architectural Draftsmanship 6. Plumbing and Mechanical Installations 7. Exotic finishes including floor finishes, ceiling finishes, eaves finishes, staircase (wooden, metallic and concrete, etc.) 8. Quantity surveying both for private developers and for Construction firms who need to do bidding or even cost management and material auditing 9. Project Management 10. Property Management 11. Wiring and Electrical Installations 12. Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation 13. Painting and Decoration 14. Tiling 15. Water Proofing works 16. Cantilever and Gravity Retaining Walls

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