West-Pro Renewable Projects Ltd.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. T3j 1a7, Uganda

Dear Sirs: I am a Canadian Businessman, working from my home office. I have a selection of Atmospheric Water Generators available for sale. I have agents in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana & Liberia.

I have recently taken a position as a Project Manager for a small Orphanage in the Village of Bulangira.
 I am also interested in the following categories-- IT & Education, Manufacturing, Services, Shipping & Logistics, and Supplies

My reasons: (1) to expand my own business interests, (2) to identify products and services that I can introduce to the Orphanage which they can train their growing children to generate income for the support, growth and expansion of the Orphanage. By the same effort to introduce businesses/investors interested in the growth of the Orphanage as a viable business organization, as opposed to an entity operating solely on donations.  Regards, Patrick Grace. President-WPRP

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Agriculture & Natural Resources
Registration Date:
Jun 27, 2020
84 Falconridge Close NE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada. T3j 1a7
Last Updated:
2 years ago

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