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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Kampala, Uganda

Company profile. Welcome to Agroking (U) ltd. Quality leads. Agroking (u) Ltd is a Pioneer agro based Ugandan privately owned and officially registered company, a fully certified registered corporate provider under supplies only thus committed to consistently supply and satisfy all our clients in the region of east Africa. It’s majorly engaged in; predominant agricultural systems supply and general merchandise. Overtime with our partners, great efforts to simplify and harmonize various procedures, protocols of which have been put in place under related agribusinesses. An important stage where simplicity and facilitation process have been introduced for example the advancement to information technology (IT). The continuous efforts to copy up with the changes in technology as a result of experienced difficulties before, Agroking Uganda limited has adopted the use of a system to enhance and serve an appreciable and appropriate customer experience service through the use of integrated software solutions for specific and particular application to prioritize the automation of the manual systems in order to increase simplicity. Agroking Uganda limited since its inception and humble set off in 2019 has accelerated growth, grown visionary, diversification into agricultural system supplies and general merchandise which are key critical players in the agricultural sector driving the Uganda's economy under the proficient headship of the proprietor chairman Mr. BAGUMA LATIF. The profound knowledge and experience of the proprietor has assisted to unify the Agroking family and to grow as a strong brand with distinguished position and category amidst the trusted suppliers and providers of agricultural system supplies and general merchandise. Our agricultural system supplies includes; food stuff commodities,produce cereals, aquatic and livestock supplies, food consumables or groceries, feed solutions or ingredients, seeds and seedlings,encourage the use of fertilizers, promote modernization and mechanization of the agro sector, we have gone ahead to offer solutions that will increase production, value addition, commercialization, efficiency and innovations for inclusive growth and sustainable development in the upstream and downstream market leakages of producers and agribusinesses in the supply chain. Agroking (u) Lt dis a produce dealer and re seller/secondary seller of agricultural system supplies or solutions grown and milled in Uganda, processed food stuff commodities and only accelerates non- perishable traditional, primary agricultural cereal raw materials both locally and regional wide (EAC), these include; maize, beans, rice, sorghum, ground nuts, millet cereals, coffee, cow peas and soybean among others while the milled and processed food stuff commodities also include; fortified and unfortified maize, wheat, cassava, rice, soya flour, grained ground nuts however the food consumables or groceries include;- sugar, milk, coffee, tea leaves and bags, Cooking oil, salt, honey, drinking chocolate, cocoa, Nescafe, soap among others and agricultural supplies include;- seeds and seedlings, inputs, vaccines, fertilizers, tools and equipment’s, kits among others livestock also include ;- animals, dairies, poultry among others and our aquatic supplies include;- fish fry, fish fingerlings, tools and equipment’s etc. The feed solutions or ingredients also include; - bi-product of maize brand, silver fish, boosters, sunflower etc. and lastly our vehicle, plant and machinery also include; - lorries/trucks, tractors, oxen’s, ox-ploughs, huller, mills among other general supplies like perishable foodstuffs, firewood and e-shop. We deliver quality crop cereals, processed and milled food stuff commodities which are key critical components in an effective education system given the fact that the children’s health and nutrition impact their school attendance and activities, ability to learn and the overall development of all people. We are glad to inform you that at Agroking (u) ltd all purchases of goods are directly from only manufacturers and authorized distributors of a particular product in Uganda and only imports from manufacturers and authorized distributors in the region of east African community (EAC) with that commitment, we ensure and guarantee quality leads in all our products and services with a longer life span cycle.

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Agriculture & Natural Resources
Registration Date:
Sep 16, 2019
Plot: 949
Floor/Suite: Second Floor Room D26
Last Updated:
3 years ago

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