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The background

International Centre for Research Fellows (ICReF)” in Uganda Eastern Africa is being promoted and the centre started as a small demonstration centre on Agro forestry in Kitantalo village in the year 2012.  Located along Kampala-Tirinyi-Mbale highway, just 35km before Mbale Town in Eastern Uganda. The demonstration farm was started by Global Initiative Group Uganda.  Our target is transforming this agro forestry farm into a project called International Centre for Research Fellows, to take the available advantage of both International and local research fellows, volunteers from Universities, institutions, organisations and colleges all over the world who have mission of travelling to other districts, countries and regions for experience.

Aim of International Centre for Research fellows (ICReF) is linking universities and research fellows’ findings to farmers.


Mission being committed to  transforming, integrating approaches of sharing lessons and best practices from international and local research fellowship, internship and volunteer program to cause impact in people’s lives and well being.


The centre is based on INFOSEN Model (Information, Food Security, Ecosystems and Nutrition), where ecosystem is focusing on smart agriculture.


Characteristics of the community in which ICReF is located, the livelihood of these people formerly depended on growing banana but later growing rice in wetlands and in the reservoir of River Mpologoma in the catchment area of Mount Elgon. All these wetlands have dried up and R. Mpologoma is drying up. This is because of climate change impacts, rice fields no longer produce rice, animals such as Hippos have migrated into L. Kyoga, no alternative income for people, fisher men no longer take children to school and HIV/AIDS death related cases have increased because of poor food values they depend on. This intervention will be critical in providing information/data, health care information and nutritional awareness, agribusiness skills. It will impact on building the livelihoods and assets within the community ensuring safety-nets and ecosystem sustainability.

ICReF Output measured around 4 areas

  1. Strengthen communities of Practice for better research and training through University graduate students access to short-term research funding to solve local problems affecting rural communities.
  2. Research fellows and university graduates both local and internationals get experiences outsides their home districts, regions and countries.
  3. Universities,  institutions technology and innovations exhibited and applied at different forum
  4. Local, international linkages and information sharing promoted among Universities and other institutions.

Additional information                      

 While at ICReF visits and interactions with local agricultural research institutions, Universities across the country can be programmed at least twice in a month and maximum stay at the ICReF is 6(six) month.

Accommodation in camped or moderate housing environment is free.

Food and up keep paid for at a moderate rate for locals is US$70 per month and US$91 per month for international.

To contact International Centre for Research Fellows please click below.

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