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74 companies have Education listed in their profile.

Eagle Weighing Scales In Kampala
Services   Kampala
Cranes, Posho, Scales, Weighing Scales, WordPress
Budhooma development initiative
Construction   Jinja, Uganda
Computer Maintenance, Computer Repair, Electrical Appliances, Posho, Sand
Service Cops Limited
Information Technology   Kampala
Architecture, Banking, Education, Finance, Outsourcing
Joska Ventures Limited
Information Technology   Kampala
Domain Registration, Logos, SEO, Social Media, Traffic Signs
Golden Breeds Agro-Investment Services Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Brochures, Calendars, Glass Products, Merchandise, Veterinary
Information Technology   Masaka, Uganda
Cartography & Maps, Computer Forensics, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media
Voste Solutions Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Communication Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Education, ICT, Reading Materials
Neckus Enterprises Limited
Supplies   Arua, Uganda
Beverages, Car Rentals / Vehicle Hire, Chemical Products, Fittings, Reading Materials
Ruskov Uganda Limited
Services   Kampala
Feeds, Haulage, Laboratory Equipment, Long Haulage, Meat
Shipping & Logistics   Kampala
Freight Forwarding, Insurance, Loans, Shipping, Warehouses
JUMBO Techs Inc
Information Technology   Entebbe, Uganda
Bulk SMS, Computer Accessories, Digital Marketing, Tax Advisory Services, Website Design
Arbur Africa Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Bicycles, Education, Reading Materials, Secretarial Services, Textiles
Saraya Manufacturing (U) Ltd
Manufacturing   Kampala
Auditors, Detergents, Disinfectants, Sanitation, Soap & Shampoo
Gen Rwot Enterprises Limited
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Apac Municipal., Uganda
Agricultural Inputs, Apartments, Building Contractors, Groundnuts (Peanuts), Maize Flour
Ksen Tech Group Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Beverages, Computer Forensics, Forensics, Protective Wear, Reading Materials
Development Associates Link International
Services   Kampala
Coaching, Microfinance, Mobilization, Organisational Development, Resource Management
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Kampala
Agricultural Inputs, Commercial Buildings, Designers, Merchandise, Soap & Shampoo
Boch cleaning and fumigation services
Services   Kampala
Cleaning Materials, Computer Forensics, Computer Servicing, Education, Fumigation Services
Team Building Uganda Limited
Restaurants & Travel   Kampala
Coaching, Financial Management, Parties, Sports, Team Building
Goodwill Lab Supplies Limited
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Cleaning Materials, Medical Equipment, Natural Gas, Planting Materials, Schools
Gwengtar Technology Limited
Supplies   Gulu, Uganda
Broadcasting, Electrical Materials, Radio, Transformers, TVs
Jk. Computer Works Uganda
Supplies   Kampala
Dell, HP, Lenovo, Projectors, Windows
Zionat Multipurpose International Limited
Construction   Kampala
Culverts Installation, Inverters, Lenovo, Maize Flour, Switches
Rapid Civil Contractors & Fabricators Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Billboards, Boards, Engraving Services, Labels, Traffic Signs
Head - Horse Publications Limited
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Periodicals
Deha Invesitees Ltd
Construction   Kira, Uganda
Bicycles, Building Design, Firewood, Road Construction, Timber
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Books, Capacity Building, Coaching, Organisational Development, Publishing
Agton Agencies Ltd
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Drugs, Hospital Equipment, Market Research, Pharmaceuticals, Wholesalers
Orphan Children In Action (OCIA)
Services   Kampala
Education, Nonprofit Organizations
Uprise Graphics Limited
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Banners, Flyers, Industrial Design, Posters, Product Design
Topher Suppliers (u) Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Batteries, Crafts, Security Equipment, Tubes, Wheels & Tires
Skylight General Services Ltd
Supplies   Wakiso, Uganda
Education, Glass Products, Paper Products, Plumbing Materials, Reading Materials
Information Technology   Kampala
Education, Software
Lazerjet Uganda Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Fittings, Haulage, Interior Design, Long Haulage, Textiles
Services   Lira, Uganda
Chickens & Poultry, Feeds, Firewood, Road Construction, Timber
Roots Publishers Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Consumables, Education, Office Equipment, Reading Materials, Stationery
Ateko General Supplies And Construction Limited
Supplies   Gulu, Uganda
Bicycles, Building Materials, Firewood, Motorcycle Repair, Timber
Romans Investments (u) Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Education, Industrial Design, Product Design, Reading Materials, Textiles
Mega Diagnostic & Medical Supplies Limited
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Drugs, Glass Products, Hospital Equipment, Medical Supplies, Reagents
Caliber Supplies(u) Limited
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Crafts, Leather, Merchandise, Newspapers, Periodicals
Multi Stock Logistics Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Education, Logistics, Paper Products, Reading Materials, Textiles
Nile Holdings Africa Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Education, Paper Products, Protective Wear, Reading Materials, Toner & Cartridges
Universal Procurement Ltd
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Kampala
Firewood, Meat, Procurement, Textiles, Timber
Lutinvest(u) Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Commercial Printing, Crafts, Firefighting Equipment, Insurance, Photocopiers
Linda Estates Limited
Supplies   Fort Portal, Uganda
Beverages, Crafts, Education, Paper Products, Reading Materials
Positioned Printers & Stationers Ltd
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Crafts, Industrial Design, Newspapers, Product Design, Promotional Materials & Products
Smart Media Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Education, Packaging Materials, Paper Products, Protective Wear, Reading Materials
Jutelog Uganda Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Bicycles, Firewood, Protective Wear, Reading Materials, Timber
Shamsa Enterprises Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Beverages, Crafts, Education, Leather, Reading Materials
Louika Investments Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Batteries, Crafts, Textiles, Tubes, Wheels & Tires
Mamba Investments Ltd
Construction   Kamwenge, Uganda
Batteries, Drugs, Hospital Equipment, Tubes, Wheels & Tires
Morgan And Jordan Consult Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Lubricants, Natural Gas, Petroleum, Petroleum Products, Tubes
Milkwell Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Equipment Maintenance, Haulage, Long Haulage, Newspapers, Periodicals
Awoto Foundation (u) Ltd
Construction   Gulu, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Agriculture, Education, Furniture, Reading Materials
Global Jet Graphix Company Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Binding, Crafts, Education, Reading Materials, Secretarial Services
Leading Edge Enterprises Limited
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Lira, Uganda
Animals, Feeds, Firewood, Reading Materials, Timber
Colortimes Uganda Limited
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Computer Forensics, Firefighting & Fire Services, Firefighting Equipment, Forensics, Textiles
Amuko Printers & Book Binders Limited
Engines & Vehicles   Mbarara, Uganda
Bicycles, Firewood, Printers, Reading Materials, Timber
Kirangi Enterprises Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Beverages, Education, Packaging Materials, Paper Products, Reading Materials
Alma Connexoius (u)
Supplies   Jinja, Uganda
Lubricants, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Petroleum Products
Sla Procurement And Logistic Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Lubricants, Natural Gas, Petroleum, Petroleum Products, Plastics
Fidelity Advertising Limited
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Artists, Broadcasting, Performing Artists, Radio, TVs
Mother One Ict Consultants (u) Ltd
Information Technology   Kampala
Computer Forensics, Data Processing, Forensics, ICT, Security Equipment
Calvary Bookshop Limited
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Periodicals
Mliman Ea Limited
Supplies   Kazinga, Uganda
Education, Paper Products, Plumbing Materials, Protective Wear, Reading Materials
Pray While Work Enterprises Ltd
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Otuke, Uganda
Animals, Bicycles, Feeds, Meat, Reading Materials
Hikse Investment Limited
Supplies   Nansana, Uganda
Education, Fittings, Investments, Reading Materials, Real Estate
Pearline Investment Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Education, Firefighting & Fire Services, Firefighting Equipment, Plumbing Materials, Reading Materials
Lobena Gap Limited
Construction   Lira, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Bicycles, Education, Motorcycles, Reading Materials
Exquisite Business Solutions And Development Consult (u) Limited
Services   Hoima, Uganda
Batteries, Project Planning, Textiles, Tubes, Wheels & Tires
Bp Royal Uganda Limited
Supplies   Entebbe, Uganda
Communication Equipment, Computer Software, Consumer Electronics, Education, Reading Materials
Supplies   Kampala
Education, Medical Services, Mining
Course generator
Research & Education   Uganda
Lawafrica Publishing Limited
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Books, Journals, Legal Services, Newspapers, Periodicals

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Beverages   (76)
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Meat   (15)
Textiles   (41)
Timber   (41)

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Coaching   (6)
Education   (70)
Exams   (1)
Literacy   (2)
NGOs   (14)
SACCOs   (1)
Schools   (21)
Sports   (11)
Workshops   (6)

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