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132 companies have Furniture listed in their profile.

GM Tumpeco Ltd
Manufacturing   Kampala
Fittings, Signs & Signage, Steel, Tanks, Traffic Signs
Supplies   Kampala
Batteries, Hospital Equipment, Security Systems, Storage, Timber
Sanqua Engineering Limited
Construction   Soroti, Uganda
Biogas, Briquettes, Concrete, Furniture, Waste Management
Neron Company Ltd
Supplies   Mbale, Uganda
Communication Equipment, Computer Software, Consumer Electronics, Real Estate, Road Construction
Neckus Enterprises Limited
Supplies   Arua, Uganda
Car Rentals / Vehicle Hire, Chemical Products, Education, Fittings, Reading Materials
Prayosha Enterprises Ltd
Manufacturing   Kampala
Curtains, Doors, Glazing, Rails, Windows
Visible Investments Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Caps, Fax Machines, Pens & Pencils, PVC, Shirts
Mande And Brothers Furniture Mart
Construction   Kampala
Carpentry, Civil Engineering, Construction, Furniture, Supplies
Rackmount Limited
Information Technology   Kampala
Data Processing, Market Research, Procurement, Security Equipment, Webhosting
Eagle Weighing Scales In Kampala
Services   Kampala
Samsung, Scales, Shipping, Toshiba, Weighing Scales
Provide International Limited
Construction   Kampala
Crafts, Equipment Maintenance, Fittings, Glass Products, Interior Design
Afri Group Uganda Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Compliance, Equipment Rental, Helmets, Procurement, Water Works
Lazerjet Uganda Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Fittings, Haulage, Interior Design, Long Haulage, Textiles
Melville Engineering Services Limited
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Engines, Equipment Maintenance, Firefighting & Fire Services, Firefighting Equipment, Motorcycle Repair
Nazirite Engineering Industries Limited
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Car Washing, Engines, Lubricants, Natural Gas, Petroleum Products
Joska Ventures Limited
Information Technology   Kampala
Domain Registration, Logos, SEO, Social Media, Traffic Signs
Cj Technologies And Logistics Limited
Construction   Gayaza, Uganda
Bicycles, Firewood, Logistics, Plumbing Materials, Timber
Royal Kitchens and Furniture
Manufacturing   Kampala
Cabinets, Furniture, Kitchen, Materials
Maruti Office Suppliers Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Alarm Systems, Computer Accessories, Intercom, Phones, Wholesalers
Mem-raud Company Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Branding, Glass Products, Graphic Design, Leather, Textiles
Prestige Electronics & Computers Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Air Conditioning, Appliances, Communication Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances
Earth Consult (u) Ltd
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Kampala
Biomass, Climate Change, GIS, GPS, Renewable Energy
Junction Systems Ltd
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Fleet Management, Information Technology, Marketing, Natural Gas, Valuation
Supplies   Kampala
Agricultural Tools, General Supplies, Graphic Design, Packaging Materials, Paper Products
Future Medical Equipment Ltd
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Dentists, Laboratory Equipment, Medical Equipment, Sundries, Surgical
Dita Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Cisco, Communication Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Routers, Switches
Polytechnical Solutions Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Agricultural Inputs, Disposal Activities, Electrical Installations, Gears, Switchgear
Hamnest Care Supplies (u) Ltd
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Kits, Medical Equipment, Medicine, PVC, Safety Wear
Abacus Medical Appliances Ltd
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Appliances, Healthcare, Medical Equipment, MRIs, X-ray
OZARKS Engineering Limited
Construction   Kampala
Boreholes, Building Materials, Irrigation Systems, Rehabilitation, Water Works
First Aid International Limited
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Cotton, Kits, Laboratory Equipment, Protective Equipment (PPE), Reagents
Zionat Multipurpose International Limited
Construction   Kampala
Desktop Computers, Gravel, Lenovo, Switches, Toshiba
Milkwell Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Equipment Maintenance, Fittings, Journals, Newspapers, Periodicals
Silicon Valley Technologies (u) Limited
Construction   Kampala
Lubricants, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Petroleum Products
Crystal Technologies U Ltd
Information Technology   Kampala
Computer Forensics, Data Processing, Forensics, Networking, Webhosting
Dezy Business Systems Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Furniture, Home Furniture, Stationery
Hikse Investment Limited
Supplies   Nansana, Uganda
Education, Fittings, General Supplies, Reading Materials, Real Estate
Alternate Supplies Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Batteries, Lubricants, Office Supplies, Photocopiers, Plumbing Materials
Goodwill Lab Supplies Limited
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Cleaning Materials, Firefighting Equipment, Medical Equipment, Natural Gas, Schools
Gwengtar Technology Limited
Supplies   Gulu, Uganda
Electrical Materials, Gears, Radio, Switchgear, Transformers
Skylight General Services Ltd
Supplies   Wakiso, Uganda
Education, Glass Products, Paper Products, Plumbing Materials, Reading Materials
Omkara Office Zone Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Canon, Dell, HP, ICT, Solar Equipment
Kyakuwaire Business Enterprises Limited
Supplies   Iganga, Uganda
Agricultural Supplies, Farming, Fish, Fisheries & Fish Farming, Paper Products
Crest Dairies
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Mbarara, Uganda
Crafts, Dairy, Firewood, Interior Design, Leather
Luna Technical Services & General Supplies Co. Ltd
Construction   Gulu, Uganda
Animals, Feeds, Firewood, Plumbing Materials, Timber
Buroni Services Limited
Construction   Kampala
Firewood, Fittings, Garbage Collection, Plumbing Materials, Timber
Sserani Holdings Limited
Construction   Kampala
Firewood, Packaging Materials, Paper Products, Plumbing Materials, Timber
Dream Homes Interior Designs
Construction   Kampala
Architectural Design, Civil Works, Gypsum, Interior Design, Renovation
Medicomp Technoserve Uganda Limited
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Glass Products, Medical Supplies, Surgical, Ultrasound, X-ray
Supplies   Kampala
Curtains, Flooring, Gypsum, Nets, Tailoring
T1 Group Investments Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Artists, Entertainment, Equipment Maintenance, Glass Products, Performing Artists
Duet Supplies Uganda Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Files, HP, Lamination, Paper Products, Toner & Cartridges
Tina Holdings Limited
Construction   Kira, Uganda
Aluminum, Doors, Glass Products, Interior Design, Windows
Attrax Contractors
Supplies   Kampala
Civil Works, Contractors, Machinery, Painting, Road Construction
Got Apwoyo Construction And Engineering Services
Construction   Gulu, Uganda
Architectural Design, Architecture, Landscaping, Urban Planning / Urban Development, Water Works
Leverage Logistics Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Briquettes, Firewood, Logistics, Timber, Wood
Gene Construction Andmotor Garage (u) Ltd
Construction   Gulu, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Animals, Chickens & Poultry, Feeds, Garages
Ranco Engineering Contractors U Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Equipment Maintenance, Fittings, Plumbing Materials, Protective Wear, Security Equipment
Manufacturing   Kireka, Uganda
Building Materials, Electrical Equipment, Interior Design, Paint, Plumbing Materials
Multi Stock Logistics Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Education, Logistics, Paper Products, Reading Materials, Textiles
Naka Builders World Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Agricultural Tools, Building Materials, General Supplies, Packaging Materials, Paper Products
Crystal Aluminium Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Boards, Cladding, Rehabilitation, Road Maintenance, Tiles
Ariko Capital Purchase (u) Ltd
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Bicycles, Drugs, Hospital Equipment, Hospitals, Protective Wear
Nile Holdings Africa Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Education, Paper Products, Protective Wear, Reading Materials, Toner & Cartridges
Morgan And Jordan Consult Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Lubricants, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Petroleum Products
Louika Investments Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Batteries, Crafts, Textiles, Tubes, Wheels & Tires
G1 Logistics Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Building Contractors, Fittings, Prefabrication, Supply Chain Management, Wholesalers
Rhinomart Enterprises Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Bridge Construction, Carpentry, Furniture, Packaging Materials, Paper Products
C.b. Epila Opio (u) Limited
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Tororo, Uganda
Drugs, Firewood, Marine, Timber, Veterinary
Wilmy Enterprises Ltd
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Bicycles, Drugs, Hospital Equipment, Medicine, Plumbing Materials
Herton Concepts Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Calendars, Crafts, Jackets, Sports, Uniforms
Lutinvest(u) Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Commercial Printing, Crafts, Firefighting Equipment, Insurance, Photocopiers
Medequip Uganda Limited
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Furniture, Laboratories, Medical Equipment, Medical Services, Spare Parts
Linda Estates Limited
Supplies   Fort Portal, Uganda
Crafts, Education, Packaging Materials, Paper Products, Reading Materials
Systech Consults Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Firefighting & Fire Services, Firefighting Equipment, Plumbing Materials, Security Equipment, Solar Equipment
Drescot (u) Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Firewood, Merchandise, Plumbing Materials, Protective Wear, Timber
Kemtec Limited
Construction   Kampala
Building Materials, Catering Services, Hospital Equipment, Meat, Plumbing Materials
Ateko General Supplies And Construction Limited
Construction   Gulu, Uganda
Building Materials, Civil Works, Firewood, Motorcycle Repair, Wheels & Tires
Latong And Sons Company
Construction   Gulu, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Bicycles, Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles, Spare Parts
Colortimes Uganda Limited
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Computer Forensics, Firefighting & Fire Services, Firefighting Equipment, Forensics, Security Equipment
Kingpin Uganda Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Accounting, Advisory Services, Entertainment, Tax Advisory Services, Taxes
Kirangi Enterprises Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Beverages, Education, Packaging Materials, Paper Products, Reading Materials
Siima Events International Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Communication Equipment, Computer Software, Consumer Electronics, Packaging Materials, Paper Products
Mliman Ea Limited
Supplies   Kazinga, Uganda
Education, Paper Products, Plumbing Materials, Protective Wear, Reading Materials
Nila Mult Concepts Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Carpets, Chairs, Curtains, Furniture, Supplies
Awoto Foundation (u) Ltd
Construction   Gulu, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Agriculture, Education, Furniture, Reading Materials
Shamsa Enterprises Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Crafts, Education, Leather, Paper Products, Reading Materials
Meridian Tech Systems
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Equipment Maintenance, Fittings, Hospital Equipment, Medical Equipment, Medical Services
Kuka Uganda Limitted
Construction   Fort Portal, Uganda
Batteries, Plumbing Materials, Security Equipment, Tubes, Wheels & Tires
Joriddy General Merchandises Limited
Manufacturing   Kampala
Beverages, Furniture, Packaging Materials, Paper Products, Textiles
Arthur Marcus Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Firewood, Generators, Paper Products, Solar Equipment, Timber
Shreeji Bapa Infrastructure & Investment Ltd.,
Construction   Kampala
Air Ticketing, Equipment Maintenance, Fittings, Infrastructure, Tickets & Ticketing
Mamba Investments Ltd
Construction   Kamwenge, Uganda
Batteries, Drugs, Hospital Equipment, Tubes, Wheels & Tires
Pacific Diagnostics Ltd
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Film, Medical Equipment, MRIs, Theater, X-ray
Daxtine Company Limited
Supplies   Wakiso, Uganda
Beverages, Communication Equipment, Computer Software, Consumer Electronics, Textiles
Wa General Traders
Construction   Gulu, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Agriculture, Bridge Construction, Construction Materials, Furniture
Nachi Enterprise (u) Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Consumables, Furniture, Office Equipment, Stationery
Caliber Supplies(u) Limited
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Crafts, Journals, Leather, Merchandise, Periodicals
Far Trek Uganda Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Communication Equipment, Computer Software, Consumer Electronics, Packaging Materials, Paper Products
Wesart Interior Andexterior Designs Ltd
Supplies   Gayaza, Uganda
Art Design, Doors, Interior Design, Iron, Windows
Alma Connexoius (u)
Supplies   Jinja, Uganda
Lubricants, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Petroleum Products
Hellens Drug Shop Olup Eastern Ltd
Construction   Serere, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Agriculture, Construction Materials, Electrical Equipment, Furniture
Rwams U Ltd
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Binding, Disposal Activities, Fumigation Services, Garbage Collection, Photocopying Services
Berene Enterprises(u) Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Branding, Electrical Materials, Fittings, Fumigation Services, Maintenance Services
Pearline Investment Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Education, Firefighting & Fire Services, Firefighting Equipment, Plumbing Materials, Reading Materials
Abco. Technical Services (u) Ltd.
Construction   Jinja, Uganda
Cleaning Services, Fittings, Furniture, General Supplies, Landscaping
Global Initiative Group Ltd
Supplies   Kampala
Lubricants, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Petroleum Products
Services   Kampala
Furniture, Gypsum, Interior Design, Painting
Leading Edge Enterprises Limited
Agriculture & Natural Resources   Lira, Uganda
Education, Feeds, Firewood, Reading Materials, Timber
Richiencoy Services Limited
Supplies   Kampala
Batteries, Bicycles, Glass Products, Tubes, Wheels & Tires
S.p Paper Centre International Limited
Supplies   Mbale, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Agriculture, Beverages, Furniture, Plumbing Materials
Lobena Gap Limited
Construction   Lira, Uganda
Bicycles, Education, Motorcycles, Reading Materials, Spare Parts
Dersons Healthcare (u) Ltd
Health & Medicine   Kampala
Dentists, Laboratory Equipment, Reagents, Safety Wear, Theater
Kenworth (u) Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Beverages, Computer Programming, Packaging Materials, Paper Products, Software Development
Beep Investments (u) Ltd
Supplies   Gulu, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Agriculture, Building Materials, General Supplies, Stone
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Batteries, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Tubes, Wheels & Tires
Fairchild Investments Ltd
Construction   Gulu, Uganda
Accommodation, Conferences, Firewood, Glass Products, Hotels
Jora Investment Holdings (u) Ltd
Supplies   Lira, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Agriculture, Civil Works, Communication Equipment, General Supplies
Metaplex Investments Limited
Construction   Lira, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Agriculture, Construction Materials, Furniture, Investments
Nawa Multiservices Limited
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Broadcasting, Crafts, Radio, Telecommunications, TVs
Reikanco Enterprises
Supplies   Kampala
Batteries, Crafts, Leather, Security Equipment, Tubes
o'mas Construction Company Limited
Construction   Lira, Uganda
Agricultural Tools, Agriculture, Animals, Chickens & Poultry, Feeds
Chatha Investments (u) Limited
Engines & Vehicles   Kampala
Bicycles, Car Rentals / Vehicle Hire, Firewood, Leather, Timber
Emu Printers And Designers Limited
Media & Publishing   Kampala
Doors, Labels, Newsletters, Pens & Pencils, Umbrellas
Multi-techs Engineering Consults & Contractors Ltd
Construction   Kampala
Accounting, Advisory Services, Fittings, Tax Advisory Services, Taxes
Batif Consult Ltd
Construction   Entebbe, Uganda
Painting, Renovation, Sewage, Water Supply, Water Treatment
Furniture Hub Uganda Limited
Services   Kampala
Furniture, Office Equipment, Packaging Materials
Precission Engineering Services Ltd
Construction   Kira/Wakiso, Uganda
Equipment Maintenance, Fittings, Garbage Collection, Interior Design, Oil
Facility Maintenance Services Limited
Services   Kampala
Car Washing, Electrical Works, Equipment Maintenance, Maintenance Services, Swimming Pools
Agono General Enterprises
Construction   Gulu, Uganda
Carpentry, Construction, Furniture, Water Engineering
Genius Contractors And Logistics Ltd
Information Technology   Kampala
Equipment Maintenance, Fittings, Haulage, Long Haulage, Security Equipment
Gwamoiza Enterprises Ltd
Construction   Pallisa, Uganda
Agriculture, Bridge Construction, Carpentry, Furniture, Livestock

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